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Hi! I am Angie and I am the founder of Studio Djati.

When I was a teenager, I read a quote that said "There are 3 things you should never share to many people (social media); your love life, your income, and your next move." And my tiny brain at the time for whatever reason, agreed with it and I've been living that way. However, one aspect of those things, if not shared to as many people as possible, would actually hinder my entrepreneurial journey. And since I've been kind of secretive compare to most people, to start opening up about something close to my heart, like the job I am doing, has led to some anxiety issues.

Until now... :D

The mission of Studio Djati is to bring the most elegant solution to poorly designed space and kits that cause problems to human activities. Most of the products I have been designing so far has come from the need to solve my own problems. Being a sensitive conscious person that I am (or in more friendly words; whiny and demanding), I encounter design failures in my surrounding constantly. And my first response was to just replace them with something better in the market. For more too often, I couldn't find anything to my liking or they are simply way too rich for my pocket. So I designed my own and with the help of talented local builders and craftsmen and women, we built it and with wind on my sail, i found clients. But now as I try to expand my business, I can no longer assume that I know every other human problems with design though I am always excited to help solve them. So, here I am opening up and trying to gain some attention so that you would tell me which design you like better and other things that I'm missing. I realized that this mission is greater than my anxiety. So help me to help you. :)

I have been very passionate about co-creation hub since back when I was in college. And that passion hasn't left me since. In fact, it only has been growing. So today I will start by discussing an important part of it: home office. This topic should resonate with a lot of you due to our current pandemic situation. A lot of us were "forced" to set up comfy and productive working area in our flat/apartment/kosan/villa, etc. I'm sure you've got more complains than you can express casually regarding to this. So blurt them out in a survey I've provided you in this link I'll share my findings and solutions very soon with all of you!

We got your back!

Angie Puteri

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